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      Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Picks His Iron Throne Winner

      "Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau won't spoil how the show really ends, but does share his favorite Jaime scene and pick who would win in a battle for the throne.

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      Suit Up: The Evolution of the Avengers

      Avengers, assemble! Get a closer look at Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers through the years. Check out more in our Guide to Superheroes.

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      Our Favorite Stats From the MCU

      Ever wonder just how many times Groot said, "I Am Groot"? Or which Avenger clocked in the most screen time? We've counted all of that, and more, from all 21 movies in the MCU.

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      Top News

      The 72nd Cannes Film Festival announced its lineup, boosting the number of female filmmakers in official selection to 13, four of whom will compete for the Palme d’Or. The number of Americans is also up, including Terrence Malick (“A Hidden Life”), Ira Sachs (Isabelle Huppert starrer “Frankie”), and director Jim Jarmusch’s “The Dead Don’t Die,” which was previously announced as... See more »

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      First Look at "Buddi" and More Latest Photos

      Superhero Stars Before They Took Flight

      Ever wonder how Captain Marvel star Brie Larson and other big-screen superheroes looked before they were able to fly (or drive?). Check out our gallery.

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      Poll: Favorite DC Extended Universe Movie


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      Which of these DC Extended Universe movies is your favorite? Discuss here after voting.

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